Chase Hunter

Returning to the Big Smitty band with a fresh look and funky, slap style of bass is Chase Hunter. Chase has been in the music scene in many venues around the county, and is most known in the Joplin area for his nearly 7-year stint with Big Smitty before returning in 2018. He started playing bass for the Big Smitty band in 2009 where he stayed for nearly 3 years, and then left the band for a brief time to pursue other opportunities throughout the country including touring and session playing with Brad Paisley, Lenny Pickett, Phil Driscoll, and Gary Nichols. He has a vast resume of headlining artists that he has performed with, however, he missed the comfort of his “family band” Big Smitty. He returned to the Joplin based band in late 2011 where he then took over on drums. This is the role in the band that Chase is best known for, being back on the skins for over 4 years, before taking a break from music for 2 years to be a dad to his daughter and son. He’s now back in action on the bass helping to bring a high energy, vast range of music, and a crowd pleasing priority to the band.

“The goal for me, is to make sure that no matter what kind of day, or week, or month any one of my listeners is having, to take to the stage and perform and give them some sort of relief from that sorrow or sadness so they can mutually enjoy the thing that I have loved so much my entire life, music. It’s the ONLY thing in this world that can bring peace and happiness to anyone who can hear it”
– Chase Hunter